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Kaiju and giant robots... laying waste to cities, and battling each other to the death! It’s the stuff of cinematic legend. And there will be more kaiju/robot carnage on the big screen this summer when Pacific Rim, the latest flick from acclaimed Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, arrives in theaters on July 12.

But why wait? Join the fight right now in our Kaiju and Giant Robot Battle. We’ve pitted 32 gargantuan monsters from all corners of pop culture against each other, and we've done the same with 32 massive mechanicals You’ll vote for your favorites in each round, and the winners will face each other in a final epic showdown.

Be sure to vote in each bracket, and check back on July 12 for the winner! And don't forget to take to the comments to tell us which kaiju and robots you’ve chosen and why.

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