Newzoo Top10 Public Companies Game Revenues FY2014

Newzoo, a games industry research firm, has released a chart ranking the publicly traded companies that made the most money off of video games in 2014. It's part of their annual fiscal report – and it's also a sobering reminder that things have changed and/or are changing fast. Feel free to jump to wild conclusions about the general trajectory of the games industry.

Tech behemoth's like Apple and Google joined the ranks of the world's largest publicly traded software and hardware manufacturers. Tencent, the Chinese owner of League of Legends developers Riot Games, reported a whopping $7.2B in revenue in 2014, up from $5.3B in 2013, proving futile Valve's attempts at throwing a wrench in the MOBA's rise to world domination (Valve will be fine though – they're just not eligible for Newzoo's list because they're not publicly traded, and probably won't ever be.)

The report also reflects a relative lack of growth for industry mainstays like Nintendo, Microsoft, and Activision Blizzard, who all refused to comment on Newzoo's findings, their representatives opting to instead flash big smiles while they tried to sell us more sequels to long established franchises. Nintendo's representative, the esteemed Donkey Kong, threw a number of newswriters and market researchers off of a platform mysteriously suspended in mid-air.

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