We're excited to announce that the good people over at Dark Horse Comics are celebrating the May the 4th festivities the right way by offering a pair of incredible deals for Star Wars fans in the form of digital comic MegaBundles.

The first MegaBundle, The Comic Collection, is for the truly devout Star Wars enthusiast in all of us: it contains over 3000(!) digital pages spilling over with panels from a handful of Dark Horse's most popular Star Wars series, including the fan-favorite Knights of the Old Republic, as well as issues from the company's newest offerings.

The second Megabundle, The Kids collection, is geared towards younger readers but will nonetheless strike a chord with Star Wars fans of any age. Featuring well over 1000 digital pages from two premiere Star Wars series (Star Wars Adventures and The Clone Wars) this bundle will have a special place on your young Padawan's summer reading list.

As a bonus, each MegaBundle includes an exclusive, never-before-seen preview of The Star Wars, an upcoming Dark Horse Comics adaptation of George Lucas' original-draft screenplay (you know, the one with "Jedi Annakin Starkiller" and Han Solo as a six-foot tall alien reptile.)


Best of all is the price. The Comic Collection will run you a mere $100, nearly $300 off the list price, and the Kids' Collection is only $30, saving you more than $70. Each bundle is packed with enough content to keep you busy until Episode VII hits theaters next year (and if you do manage to make your way through all 3000 pages, there are always back-to-back viewings of the films to help you cope with the wait).

Check out the bundles at Dark Horse Digital.

Happy reading!

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