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The Gargoyle Order

Led by the wise and graceful Leonore, the fierce warriors of the Gargoyle Order strive for ultimate victory over the Demon Horde. Agents of morality, the Gargoyles are Earth’s last line of defense against the Demon Horde, and having sword to defend humanity from the menaces that plague them, are eternally bound by fate to their duty.

The Demon Horde

Disguised as humans scattered throughout Earth, the Demon Horde has a single goal: destroy the Gargoyle Order once and rule the planet once and for all. The Demon Horde is pure evil and cares about nothing else but its own proliferation. Lead by the devious Prince Naberius, who, in human form, runs a company that’s doing everything it can to solve the puzzle of mortality, the Demon Horde will stop at nothing to achieve it’s so-called destiny.

The Showdown

Which side do you choose? Will you fight alongside the Gargoyles, helping defend humanity and maintain peace? Or do you have a dark side, coupled with a desire to rule over Earth? The choice is yours.

Demon Horde Gargoyle Order

ASC Gargoyle v50 (5-23-12)
  • Leader: Prince Naberius
  • Strengths: Loyalty, Honor, Ties to Divinity
  • Weakness: Slaves to duty

  • Leader: Leonore
  • Strengths: Shape shifting power, endless resources, willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed
  • Weaknesses: Arrogance, lack of souls

Do you align with the Demon Horde or the Gargoyle Order?

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