Wookiee NEGAS

In the wake of this week's news that Electronic Arts and Disney have reached an agreement allowing the former to develop officially licensed Star Wars video games, has unearthed something rather intriguing. It seems Lucasfilm has recently registered a handful of domain names, a few of which sound a bit familiar (Gungan Frontier, for instance, was an educational PC game that released alongside Episode I), and a few that sound completely new.

Here's a list of the domain names in question:

Right now we can only guess what exactly these domains were registered for. Remember: Disney itself is reportedly developing a few minor Star Wars games for casual players, some of which a few of these domains might belong to.

Still no word on the LucasArts titles that seemed to have been lost in the studio's closing, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. For now, we're going to speculate endlessly on what "Wookiee Hunters" and "Wolf Pack Adventures" might be.

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