Silicon Valley Comic Con 201601:47

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016

In a move certain to terrify unsuspecting jocks the world over, Marvel mastermind Stan Lee has teamed up with fellow nerd king/expert sidekick Steve Wozniak, to bring a brand new meeting of the fans to nerd-dom's electro-pulsing capital citadel: Silicon Valley.

The aptly-named Silicon Valley Comic Con will take place at the San Jose Convention Center from March 19th to 20th, in 2016.

In the above video, which accompanied the announcement, a Segwey-riding star-dancer Facetimes with Solid Snake's genetically-spliced brother about putting a bunch of people and stuff into a giant room and inviting the world to stand in line to gawk at the lot of it. They didn't use those words verbatim, but they were definitely implied. They also implied these words:

Stan: "We are the world's renowned nerd kings! This will be the One Convention to Rule Them All! The poseur jocks running San Diego Comic Con will bow in our righteous wake!"
Steve: "You are right, my liege! The force is strong with this one!"

At that very moment, (it is implied that) a group of rogue jocks ran towards the door threatening to nookie our hero lords.

Steve: What is this? 2000, the year before the iPod came out?
Stan: You know what to do!

It is then implied that Wozniak walked towards the eastern wall of the conference room and pulled a lever, which dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on the unsuspecting heads of the attacking jocks, crushing them instantly. The two nerd kings high-fived and resumed working on their arduino project, which sends them a tweet every time a snarky comment or article is posted about either of them on the internet, indicating the exact location and mortal weakness of the author.

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