Star Wars Battlefront
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Developer(s) EA Digital Illusions CE
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Platform(s) PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Release date(s) November 17th, 2015

EA has offered up the first taste of the long-awaited followup to the Star Wars Battlefront franchise with a teaser trailer showcasing in-engine footage of rebels doing battle with imperials in the lush forests of Endor. Some may be dismayed by the lack of gameplay footage (the game is, after, scheduled to launch relatively soon – November 17th, for PS4, PC, and Xbox One), but if the animations, textures, and lighting look half as good from a third/first person perspective, there's a good chance everything will be just fine.

A montage at the end provided glimpses of additional locales, including what look like Hoth and Tatooine. The game is set to take place during the original trilogy and even allows players to travel to a planet from Episode VII, over a month ahead of its theatrical debut.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer02:13

Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer

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