When watching Arrested Development for the first time, it doesn't take long to recognize that there's an awkward current of over-the-top mutual-dependency shared between Buster Bluth and his mother, Lucille. With Mother's Day just days away, and in anticipation of the coming season, we're reliving all of the cringe by recalling six moments we feel demonstrate how strange this mother-son relationship truly is.

Here's hoping they take things just a bit too far again on May 26th.


from Season 1, Episode 3: "Bringing Up Buster"
Buster and Lucille's strange, Oedipal relationship is central to Arrested Development's third episode, "Bringing Up Buster". After spending an afternoon away from his mother and voicing his repressed frustrations, Buster tells his mother that he deserves to sit in the passenger seat of her car instead of the back. A small, but meaningful, victory.

640px-1x09 Storming the Castle (20)

from Season 1, Episode 5: "Charity Drive"
Early on in the series, Buster starts dating his mother's friend, Lucille Austero. To help tell them apart from her mother, Buster refers to his new squeeze as "Lucille 2." Despite this, he confuses them constantly.

640px-1x15 Staff Infection (07)

from Season 1, Episode 14: "Shock & Aww"
To spite Buster, Lucille decides to keep a child she adopted from Korea a year prior (in an effort to appear sympathetic to a jury) and, because it's all he says, names him Annyong ("hello" in Korean). Buster is made green with envy by Annyong and a rivalry takes shape almost immediately. No juicebox is safe.

2x11 Out on a Limb (27)

from Season 2, Episode 2: / "The One Where They Build a House"
Fed up with hearing "zoo noises" coming from his mother's room (and to get back at his mother for adopting Annyong), Buster decides to leave for the Army. Lucille, despite having signed Buster up for duty an episode prior, doesn't take kindly to this -- mostly because she needs someone around to help her with pressing tasks like brushing her hair and zipping her dresses -- and goes to great lengths to get him withdrawn.

640px-2x07 Switch Hitter (11)

from Season 2, Episode 13: / "Motherboy XXX"
Lucille and Buster have been attending the Motherboy convention, where mothers and sons dress in the same clothes and dance together, every year since its inception over 30 years ago. They've also posed a number of times for Balboa Bay Window magazine, where their cover photos have accompanied headlines like "Why I Want to Marry My Mother." Yikes.

640px-2x13 Motherboy XXX (05)

from Season 3, Episode 7: / "Prison Break-In"
Buster, in a failed attempt to make his mother jealous, buys a turtle and names it "Mother" (of course). Buster exclaims: "how about that little piece of tail on her? Cute!" He's talking about the turtle but Michael's response is appropriate all the same: "I've opened a door here that I regret."

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